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Hey folks! I mentioned yesterday I got a game through Steam's curator connect function, and it's a rare occasion I accept games, but this one was definitely up my alley! So, today I've been playing Whispers of a Machine, a sci-fi point & click where I get to cyber-solve murders!

I'm very early on in it yet, but so far it's already endearing itself to me because you can hold tab or space to highlight everything on a screen that you can interact with! Great bit of user-friendly design straight off the bat, no pixel hunting required!

And as you know, I'm pretty strict when it comes to accepting games from developers/publishers, but I do try to stick to the rule of it having to be something I was already interested in already. This one is no exception, I had already planned to get it:

Aaaaah! I recognise the voice actor for the mortician from Lamplight City!

Yeah, definitely adding this one to my Steam curator page! It's been an extremely engrossing experience so far! 

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