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Every Democrat who won’t impeach has to go.

If it’s what we’d wanted, we already had a party that put a higher premium on holding onto their own power than fulfilling their checking an unlawful presidency.

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If the strategy right now—with an election two years off—is to do nothing until the election, then the strategy after THAT election—when there will be two years until the next election—will be to do nothing until the election.

What we have before us today is simply today’s work.

I see no reason to think inaction secures elections.

But even considering that point, there must be some higher value than simply winning an election, or elections have little meaning.

There must be leadership.
There must be accountability.

We have today, not tomorrow.

I somehow don’t think even centrist Democrats ran in 2018 on “you must elect us to put an eventual check on Donald Trump, at some future date, but not until after the 2020 elections, because we’ll be targeting center-right Republicans.”

The moment Democrats with power to check Trump decide their strategy involves not doing so, Trump becomes a Democratic problem.

Exactly then.

We’re not ever going to fight the Republican agenda if we elect people who vow not to fight the Republicans.

Is this obvious? I feel like this is obvious.

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