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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

Honestly it feels as though it would’ve been better for the Democrats to have lost the House in November then for them to have won it only to have their most powerful member say this.

I don’t think Democrats realize how many people out there do not have as an end goal Democrats winning but Republicans being defeated. There’s a serious distinction there, and they should recognize it.

Honestly, we all need help, and the people we hired to give it are refusing.

And here’s my point: this is the most disastrous possible strategy for achieving that end. It will fail horribly.

If you want Donald Trump to be able to say that he is innocent, then don’t impeach him.

if you want to play right into his hands, don’t impeach.

if you want to bolster the false claim that there’s no difference between the parties, don’t impeach.

if you want authoritarianism to triumph, don’t impeach.

if you want the voters that you need next year to despair, don’t impeach.

if you want to lose, don’t impeach.

i’ll vote for the Democrat next year no matter what. A lot of people won’t. And that’s just a fact.

And when the Democrats lose because they failed to act, Trump will win under the imprimatur, the tacit approval, of an opposition party that could’ve checked him but opted not to.

and he’ll point out that they opted not to.

what will the answer be?

Will they then say “listen, he’s wrong, we thought he was very guilty, we just thought it would play badly in the elections”— Will that be the answer?

you see how it sounds? That’s how it sounds now.

I am getting much more flack for this than I almost ever get for anything, and a great deal of it isn’t particularly polite, which ... fine. I’ll take it. I’m not fighting.

The assumption is I don’t think it’s important to win. Quite the contrary.

I’m sounding the alarm.

They ARE investigating. I’m not pretending otherwise.

The disaster is talking as if impeachment is off the table while doing so. Treating it like an electoral political calculation. Acting as if Dems, not Trump, should fear it.

And doing it so often.

Realize right now a lot of people are asking themselves “If they won’t even fight THIS, how are they going to fight for ME?”

A lot of others are thinking “How illegal can it be? Even top Dems don’t want to impeach.”

That’s really dangerous.

That’s all.

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