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Why were we led to believe that VR Systems (which Mueller says was hacked by Russia) handled "only" voter registrations?! It seems that they also handle the online reporting of electronic vote tallies!! And it caused a delay reporting results in 2016! 1/ 

2/ "'A staff member of ours inadvertently created a link that was a preview of the election results that were not intended to be public,' Perkins said.
In an affidavit.., Perkins said the snafu delayed the posting of elections results across the state."

3/ "VR Systems contracts with 60 of Florida's 67 counties, said Tonya Edwards, a spokeswoman for Snipes. Perkins apologized to the counties in an email Wednesday."

4/ Although reported results are not technically the votes themselves, they might as well be in Florida because Florida is one of the majority of states that does NOT require manual election audits.

5/ The Mueller report confirmed that hackers were inside at least one Florida county’s election “network,” broad language suggesting potential access to the county reporting system & county tabulation system that aggregates all precinct totals. 

6/ The April 2019 NSA report used similarly broad language: "The FBI & DHS assess that Russian government cyber actors probably conducted research & reconnaissance against all US states’ ELECTION NETWORKS leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections.." 

7/ “I think we all have been worried about the hacking of voting machines. But what this story suggests is the potential for HACKING the [Florida] VOTE TABULATION SYSTEMS, where the votes are tallied & HOW THE RESULTS ARE DISPLAYED." - Jeremy Bash, 7:43 

8/ Broward County, Florida (which many suspect of being the county "network" referenced by Mueller) says "its tabulation system is a closed network, which means it isn’t connected to the internet or any other network." 

9/ But hackers could have used network access to obtain election officials' passwords to the tabulation system.

10/ And it seems that online reporting systems are indeed networked: "Systems that utilize network connections for their functions include voter registration systems, e-pollbooks, and post-election canvassing/reporting systems." 

11/ Moreover, the online reporting system receives data from the county central tabulator throughout election night.

12/ In some jurisdictions such as Georgia, the SAME USB stick goes back and forth between the online system & the central tabulator. So if malware has been introduced into the reporting system, it will also infect the central tabulator. 

13/ As explained by @MarilynRMarks1, it's "like sharing needles." 

14/ I don't know if Broward County's system is just like Georgia's in this respect, but I would not be surprised.

15/ Meanwhile, the FBI has apparently decided that the public and even most election officials have no right to know the extent of Russian interference.

16/ From November 2018. I wish they had listened. Thread.

17/ BTW, at least in 2018, Broward’s reported results did not differentiate between early voting vs. Election Day vs vote by mail, making any sort of “reconciliation” between reported totals & actual totals difficult or impossible. @LuluFriesdat

18/ From November 2018:

19/ Seeing as VR Systems handled the reporting system and was reportedly hacked, id call this a red flag...

20/ In other words, the reported totals were effed up in Broward County in 2018 and perhaps 2016, and the rumor is that Broward is the county where Russia managed to infiltrate the network.

21/ For those still clinging to the idea that Russian hacking is a “hoax,” I dare you to tell that to #RealityWinner, who the Trump DOJ sent to prison for 5 years for leaking the NSA report about Russian hacking of VR Systems & two other vendors. Thread.

22/ Russia reportedly hacked the election reporting system in Ukraine in 2014!

23/ Lesson: for 2020, we must insist on “HTH”:

* #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* #TransparentChainofCustody for the paper ballots
* #HandAudits of the paper ballots (or else full #HandCounts) for every race

24/ I forgot “R”: Removal of cellular modems & remote access software! #RemoveTheModems #RemoveRemoteAccess

“HTHR” - yes, I’ll try to get a meme for this!


26/ “Down the coast, in Broward County, Florida, just north of Miami, election officials were struggling with a technical failure of a different sort. Seven precincts were unable to transmit vote tallies electronically.” - 2018 

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