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(Thread) Actually, Chris, this makes perfect sense to me👇

I assume you're talking about the article that appeared today, Nancy Pelosi, saying Trump is taunting the Dems to impeach him.

So there are really two questions:

(1) Why would Trump want to be impeached? and . . .

1/ Article:  https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/07/politics/pelosi-impeachment-trump-congress/index.html 

And the second question: (2) Why would Nancy Pelosi say that Trump wants to be impeached?

If you read through the article, Pelosi also talks about how annoyed she is that Trump is stonewalling the investigations.

2/ Which means there are investigations. Remember the stages of impeachment.
If the Democrats rush, impeach now, the Senate would acquit, and Trump would declare the matter over.

Trump then falls into the same category as Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.

3/ History tends to remember those impeachments as politically motivated.

Right now there are multiple on-going investigations into Trump’s financial situation.
The House is trying to get his taxes.
The House is trying to get testimony from Mueller, McGahn, and others.

4/ Remember all those redacted pages from the Mueller Report?.

There are investigations going on everywhere!

Obviously there are already impeachable crimes.

But what might come up later?

As a legal matter the House can keep impeaching.
But as a political matter . . .

5/ . . . it would be politically unwise.

Imagine, after the whole spectacle of a Senate trial, the Dems say, "Wait! We have new evidence! We’re impeaching again!” And they do this over and over.

This would play into Trump’s hands. “They just keep coming after me,” he'd say.

6/ Better to wait until everything is in, and hit him with all the crimes.

Trump knows how to make a show. Thumbing his nose at the Democrats and saying, “Come on, impeach me, unless you’re chickens,” makes them look weak and hesitant, when in fact, they’re being careful . . .

7/ . . and getting all the evidence first.

A good rule is to ask, "What would Putin want?" Remember, Putin and Trump's interests are aligned. Putin wants impeachment! The more chaos and spectacle the better.

Pushing the Dems before they're ready would make it a better "show."

8/ Remember that a big part of the Trump culture is victimhood. Trump loves to be a victim. I've written about that here. 👇

The second question: Why would Nancy Pelosi make a public statement about how Trump is goading the Dems to impeach him.

9/ I think Pelosi is playing him. She makes him look silly. She makes him look like he wants to be impeached to make Putin happy (because the more chaos in the U.S. the better.

Yes, I think Pelosi is playing the game, and she's doing it right.

10/ For people criticizing Pelosi, read the entire article:  https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/07/politics/pelosi-impeachment-trump-congress/index.html 

Here is the conclusion:

11/ @eatbees gave a good summary of what the House Dems are doing. 👇

Trump is trying to throw the Dems off their game.
Pelosi is trying to throw HIM off HIS game.


What's astonishing is how hard he's working to make sure we don't see his tax returns. It's possible he wants the whole thing over with before they can get to his taxes, so he'll have the excuse to keep them hidden.

Mimi, You're combining two separate issues. Impeaching Trump has nothing to do with securing the elections.

Impeachment doesn't mean removal. Impeachment doesn't translate into secure elections.

That's all part of the process. Trying to get Trump's tax returns, having Barr testify, getting Mueller's testimony, is all part of the process.

It's happening. When the person being investigating is obstructing, it takes longer.

Trump obstructing should surprise nobody.

Yes. Exactly. That's why I put my thread about Kavanaugh and Victimhood into Tweet #8.

The evidence has to be overwhelming.

If you prefer reading things without typos, here's the thread as a blog post:  https://terikanefield-blog.com/what-trump-wants-to-be-impeached/ 

Yeah, I know. I still make them on my blog. But when I find them, I can fix them.

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