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Uber drivers across at least 10 U.S. cities, including L.A. and San Diego, are striking days before Uber is expected to go public.  https://lat.ms/2J8s5Eh 

The drivers are banding together and protesting both Uber and Lyft by refusing to drive for the company for 24 hours, a signal to legislators that it’s time to make some changes.  https://lat.ms/2J8s5Eh 

Organizers say their goal is to persuade legislators to look into mandatory minimum wages, caps on companies’ commissions, and clarity for riders and drivers on costs and pay.  https://lat.ms/2J8s5Eh 

Uber and Lyft have already suffered blows in critical markets. Legislators in New York City have instated minimum wage requirements for Uber and Lyft drivers — a decision Lyft tried and failed to overturn.  https://lat.ms/2J8s5Eh 

However, the fragmented nature of the workforce makes it difficult to involve drivers in actions like this. “By nature we're isolated in what we do . . . And so you have to spend a lot of money and energy just trying to find drivers,” Martinez explains.  https://lat.ms/2J8s5Eh 

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