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Americans aren't yet getting that the COUNTERINTELLIGENCE PIECE of the Mueller Report is...


The Report says it went to the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. Didn't you wonder where Nader was? Zamel? Cambridge Analytica? Transition meetings with Saudi intelligence?

1/ U.S. counterintelligence has intel at a minimum at the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE standard of proof that part of the Trump campaign's contract with Cambridge Analytica was a subcontract for "dark" intelligence gathering with Psy-Group—which Trump let the EMIRATIS pay for.

2/ Moreover, U.S. counterintelligence has further intel at the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE standard of proof—at a minimum—that the Emirati emissary working with Psy-Group was in REGULAR CONTACT WITH THE KREMLIN while his Psy-Group partner was in CONTACT WITH NETANYAHU'S OFFICE.

3/ Trump Jr. knows what he did. And the lawyer who's represented BOTH Don AND Psy-Group knows what he did. And Alexander Nix and Mark Turnbull of Cambridge Analytica know what THEY did. You're going to learn eventually why the Trumps want you to be upset about the Steele dossier.

4/ The evidence we have shows it is more likely than not that the Trump campaign—in coordination with four foreign governments—received illegal foreign donations during the campaign to run a PROPAGANDA and INTELLIGENCE-GATHERING campaign it didn't want to have traced to it. Ever.

5/ There's a reason that Gates and Nader play a smaller role in the Mueller Report than makes any sense at all, and that Zamel hardly appears. There's a reason there's almost nothing on the UAE or Saudi Arabia in a narrative of events that those countries were swept up in fully.

6/ Of *course* McConnell wants the obstruction probe shut down—but the media is wrong if it thinks that's his biggest concern. He can fight that war if he has to. What he wants us to conclude is the COLLUSION story is over. It hasn't even started. Why? It's an INTELLIGENCE issue.

7/ So:

(1) 20% of the Mueller Report's "collusion" narrative is REDACTED.
(2) The 80% left is TEN PERCENT of the counterintelligence intel on collusion.
(3) We therefore have a FRACTION of the "collusion" intel.
(4) The standard for "collusion" is PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE.

8/ Because journalists are trained (understandably) to report only the info they have, but also (far less understandably) to pretend that the information they have is *all* the information you need and/or should expect to ever get, we're thinking we know a story that... we don't.

9/ The odd part: I know what I know—and have included what I've included in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY—not because I have sources major media doesn't. I don't. I have this intel for two reasons:

(1) I read media from around the world.
(2) I read *old* media—stories people thought dead.

10/ I don't have theories. I have information already held by FBI counterintelligence and foreign media— and, at that, likely only a fraction of what the former has. But unlike major media, foreign media or FBI counterintelligence, I'm going to publish the full story all at once.

PS/ It's coming soon; it'll be just what I say; and anyone who read PROOF OF COLLUSION will know I don't mess around—my research is accurate and meticulously sourced. I hope we get a full COUNTERINTELLIGENCE REPORT eventually. Until then, there'll be this: 

NOTE/ Trump has lately turned US policy on its head across the board. On the Muslim Brotherhood. On Yemen. On Khalifa Hifter—the Libyan warlord Trump now supports because MBS does. On Syria. On Russian human rights reports. Sounds like different stories: it's not. It's one story.

NOTE2/ America's foreign policy is no longer America's foreign policy: it's a fully bought and paid for subsidiary of the ambitions of 5 countries: Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, and Egypt. I'm not speaking euphemistically—there's *no American-owned foreign policy right now*.

NOTE3/ There's not a man or woman in the CIA tracking what I'm speaking of who would disagree with anything I've said. It'd be impossible to disagree with—it's fully sourced. It sounds odd only because it's not part of the national conversation. But eventually it'll *have* to be.

NOTE4/ My sources (a few among hundreds):

The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal
The New Yorker
The Guardian
The Times of Israel
The Jerusalem Post
Al Jazeera
Al Arabiya
The Moscow Times
Kathimerini (Greece)

*Zero theories. All evidence.*

NOTE5/ These criminals will be caught—or, at a minimum, caught *out*. But I'm not going to predict when, because I have no idea when. Nor can I predict by whom in our government they'll be caught out, as so far no one is enough of a patriot to take the professional risk involved.

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