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The Denver metro area has been home to some of the worst mass shootings in modern history. This week, gun violence devastated the region again.  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

A day after two students opened fire at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, killing one student and wounding eight others, the community in Denver’s south suburbs was left reeling. Below, students raise their arms as they exit the school. 📸: Tom Cooper/Getty  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said residents are heartbroken and frustrated by the violence at the school eight miles from Columbine High School, where in 1999, two students killed a teacher and 12 students. 📸: AP Photo/Kevin Higley  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

Ahead of Columbine’s 20th anniversary last month, hundreds of metro-area schools were closed for a day while law enforcement searched for a woman who made what officials deemed as credible threats against schools in the area.  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

Six years ago, less than four miles from the STEM school, an 18-year-old walked into Arapahoe High School armed with a shotgun and machete. He killed one student before turning the gun on himself.  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

In July 2012, about 20 miles to the northeast, a gunman entered a side exit of a crowded Aurora movie theater and began shooting. He killed 12 people and injured dozens at a premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises.”  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

Here is a map of the high-profile mass shootings in the Denver metro area:  https://lat.ms/2VTiHKI 

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