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Secure Election Checklist!

1. #HandMarkedPaperBallots
2. #TransparentChainofCustody
3. #HandAudits or #HandCounts (every race)

4. #NoModemsOrRemoteAccess
5. #PaperVoterRoll (at the polls as backup)
6. #PublishedPrecinctTotals
7. #PublishedReportedResults (by category)


The point of items 6 and 7 is to allow the public to compare what's reported at the precincts with what is reported by the county or state's reporting system. Believe it or not, some jurisdictions don't even conduct this "reconciliation" themselves. 1/

If no one conducts that reconciliation, then the reported totals, which may have been hacked, become the official results. Note that Russia reportedly hacked the reporting system in Ukraine in 2014. 2/

And the reference to election "networks" in the Mueller report suggest that Russia may have hacked the reporting system in one or more counties in 2016! Thread. 3/

I tried to come up with an acronym that's easy to remember for these key election-security ingredients, but it's tough. The best I can do for now is HTH NP3. If you have ideas for how to make this catchy and memorable, pls let me know. TY! 4/

PS. When I say the reported results must be "broken down by category," I mean election day vs. vote by mail vs. early voting. Otherwise, it's impossible to reconcile reported results with what was posted at the precincts. 5/

6/ On item 1, #HandMarkedPaperBallots, there is of course an exception for those who are unable to hand mark their ballots.

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