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Exclusive: USC’s social work school may be forced to lay off nearly half its staff following the revelations of severe budget problems that began under former dean Marilyn Flynn.  https://lat.ms/2JcjHn9 

Flynn stepped down from her post at the school of social work last year amid scrutiny of a $100,000 donation she had transferred through school coffers to a nonprofit controlled by the son of a powerful local politician.  https://lat.ms/2vreX4G 

After Flynn's departure, a team of school officials reviewing financial records found the school had operating at a loss for years, according to sources.

Flynn had presented the university provost with a balanced budget by digging into reserve accounts, the sources said. Admissions standards had also been lowered in what some faculty think was an attempt to boost the budget with tuition money.

The social work school’s woes represent yet another fire for incoming President Carol L. Folt to extinguish as she seeks to reform the scandal-plagued university.  https://lat.ms/2v0EPne 

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