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BREAKING NEWS: What I wrote about this morning has now become breaking news: I know Don Trump Jr. is a criminal who accepted foreign donations from the UAE and is about to be caught out in the biggest scandal in U.S. history, and now the Senate Intel Committee has SUBPOENAED HIM.

1/ The topics we'll hear about in the media will be the Mueller Report topics: the June 9, 2016 meeting and the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow deal. The topic that will end up behind closed doors is the August 3, 2016 meeting Trump Jr. had with George Nader, Erik Prince, and Joel Zamel.

2/ I said 9 months ago that Jr.'s meeting with Nader, Prince, and Zamel was THE biggest event of the Trump-Russia story. And we're going to learn that that's exactly right. Note that Trump Jr. is being subpoena by the INTELLIGENCE committee, the proper committee for this inquiry.

3/ On the same day that Schiff demanded all the counterintelligence material underlying Mueller's investigation, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is calling back Don Jr.—one of the top suspects in the *still untold* counterintelligence story behind the Mueller Report.

4/ Trump didn't get subpoenaed by the INTELLIGENCE committee just to testify about financial shenanigans. Or perjury. He's being subpoenaed for an INTELLIGENCE purpose—and those of us researching these issues know what some of those INTELLIGENCE purposes are. So let's be clear.

5/ What I believe we'll eventually learn is why Flynn, Gates, and Nader got sweetheart deals. I believe we will eventually learn why Thomas Barrack and Bud McFarlane and Cambridge Analytica were missing from the Mueller Report. The same story links all of these people and topics.

6/ Trump and Don Jr. know much of what's in those intel files.

"Inspiration." "Project Rome." "Project Raven." Ben Carson. "Bear, Forest and Lion." NSO. Pegasus. Ahmed al-Assiri. MBS. MBZ. RDIF-UAE joint investment. Zamel. Nader. Birnbaum.

The Trumps will fight this like hell.

7/ Zero speculation. Zero theory. All evidence.

The powerbrokers in D.C. understand that it is ultimately the counterintelligence piece that's going to get Trump. And that's why Pelosi is slow-walking on obstruction. She understands America has only a piece of a bigger picture.

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