Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase Co-founder @GiveCrypto Building an open financial system for the world. Join us: May. 09, 2019 1 min read

I just filled out a rental application in SF - what an inspiration to help accelerate the creation of the open financial system.
Credit bureaus? - oof, so need to be disrupted.
Identity verification? - share my data with another third party please

Proof of income? uploading random PDFs is state of the art
Proof of assets? We've never heard of this concept, must have income!
Non W2 income like investing, bonuses, etc? Never heard of it
Good luck if you're self employed.

In a world of decentralized identity, this should just be scanning a QR code, which shares my proof of funds, and perhaps a reputation score, and I am instantly approved.

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