The Royal Society @royalsociety The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. May. 09, 2019 2 min read

The Royal Society has found that the UK is a world leader in big data, #AI, machine learning and #cybersecurity. Read our new report, the Dynamics of Data Science Skills, to find out more 

The report shows that demand for workers with specialist data skills like #data scientists and data engineers has more than tripled since 2013 

There has been an explosive demand for data scientists, with more than 10,000 #jobs ads for data scientists posted in 2017-18, up 1,287% from 2013 

Demand for data skills has grown across the UK, with the largest rises jobs postings requiring #data skills in Northern Ireland (139%) and the West Midlands (107%) 

“Working as a data expert requires knowing your maths, #coding and #computer science as well as problem-solving, resilience and communication” - says Andrew Blake FREng FRS, chair of the Report 

“A-levels do not equip young people with the broad enough range of skills they need for these jobs, so overhauling the British education system is a priority.” - Andrew Blake FREng FRS, chair of the Report  #ChangingEducation

Andrew Blake FREng FRS, chair of the Report says: “This report shows the British economy has high demand for people with data skills, businesses are crying out for professionals to unlock the potential of new technologies” 

Are you a #data #scientist, or an aspiring data scientist? Read our latest blog 

We asked data professionals what data science means to them. Read their career stories 

"Having a diverse set of data scientists means that inadvertent biases that might creep into algorithms might be thwarted"
Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe, Lead Data Scientist @popsa, an #AI start-up

"There are four skills that define a real data scientist: statistics, machine learning, computer science and big data. What is in short supply is having the four main skills together.”
Milton Luaces is a Senior Manager at @Accenture
– Applied Intelligence

“Data science is an interdisciplinary career. You have to be curious and want to hack things."
Alexis Fernquest (@LexiFernquest) is a Data Scientist at the @ONS, and a former Data Analytics Apprentice

“The balance of maths and stats with software engineering is data science for me. It is really important to create a space in academia for people whose contribution is through the creation of software." James Hetherington is Director of Research Engineering

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