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Not much fudge on the priorities.

- A Labour Brexit is a good Brexit
- Govt’s deal and No Deal is bad
- Agreement with Govt on, or GE to get, Labour’s alternative Brexit plan is the priority
- Back “public vote” only if no agreement or GE.


The fudge is on when and how the backing of a public vote could happen, and what the public vote would be on.

When is the objective of an agreement or a GE deemed impossible? After the summer? Halloween? After the UK’s left the EU?


We know time (+/-20 weeks min) is needed for a referendum. We also know that we can no longer assume EU27 will agree to endless rolling requests for extensions to A50.

Agreement with the Govt may become impossible relatively soon, but the possibility of a GE does not expire. 3/

So a pro-Brexit leadership (which we know Labour has) can stick to this commitment to the letter and watch as Brexit happens. “Sorry folks, we were holding out for a General Election so we could institute a proper Labour Brexit, but we didn’t manage it in time.”

The second fudge is on what a “public vote” would be on. No option to remain mentioned, though we can deduce that the opposition to a No Deal at least rules that out as an option.

If it does though, the opposition to the Govt deal would also rule it out as an option.

If so, that doesn’t leave anything to have a referendum on.

Don’t let anyone call this a fudge. It is a manifesto in favour of a particular form of Brexit. A pro-Brexit manifesto, with some easy-to-get-out-of fudges on what happens if the right form of Brexit can’t be got, dangled cynically to hold some anti-Brexit support.


P.S. Sorry, took it as read that it’s obvious bollocks that there’s any good form of Brexit.

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