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Hey folks, quick PSA! You can be pissed with Epic and not want to support them, while also not harassing small devs who take exclusivity deals.

Giving Joe Gamesdev abuse isn't gonna help anyone.

And I do get it. I'm far more annoyed when there's interesting indie titles going exclusive than any AAA title, but you what? Those deals probably make a much bigger difference to smaller devs and studios than they would to big publishers. And I get *that* too.

But you know what I plan to do about it when some game I was looking forward to goes Epic exclusive? I'm gonna shut up and forget about it until it hits Steam, and then support it.

'cos that's the thing about these exclusives. They're TIMED. You can get the games eventually.

There are many other cases where we simply wait. Games that were only on console, games that were in early access. So even if you don't want to support Epic in any way, you can wait and still support the games you were excited for.

And I'd make the case that you will send a far, FAR more impactful message if you buy a game when it releases on Steam down the road, than if you say "Epic? Fuck you bro!" now.

Yeah, I'm probably preaching to the choir on this with regards to my followers, you all seem pretty chill and generally not the kind to go harassing indie devs, but I feel it's worth saying regardless. Hopefully its a message that reaches some folks who need to hear it at least.

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