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In 2007, plans were unveiled for a new two-story shopping center in South L.A.

Twelve years later, nothing has been built.  https://lat.ms/309fRAw 

District Square was billed a decade ago as a way to revitalize part of South L.A., with city leaders offering more than $26 million in taxpayer aid.  https://lat.ms/309fRAw 

The development was the subject of a behind the scenes tug of war between two political adversaries — Council President Herb Wesson and former Councilwoman Jan Perry.  https://lat.ms/309fRAw 

With taxpayer money, the developers of District Square razed a shopping center in South L.A. without providing a replacement, said one neighbor.

Aides to Mayor Eric Garcetti say they’re still optimistic about District Square, and are now pushing to bring 573 homes to the site.  https://lat.ms/309fRAw 

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