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Burr says he's not focused on crimes but on counterintelligence, and not focused on the Mueller Report but on things *not* in the report. So maybe it's time for media to accept that Trump Jr. was subpoenaed because of *August 3, 2016*, and not events we already know a lot about?

1/ It's true Jr. perjured himself repeatedly before Congress, though he wasn't in all instances under oath, so it'd be charged as making false statements to Congress. But DOJ won't charge him. The main thing he lied about? The number of times foreign nationals offered assistance.

2/ When Jr. went before Congress, he talked a *lot* about June 9, 2016. Sure, everything he said about that day was a lie, but he talked about it. You know what event he wouldn't even acknowledge had occurred? The one that *went* somewhere—that led to foreign aid. August 3, 2016.

3/ If the Senate wasn't going to refer Trump Jr. to DOJ for lying to Congress when the Mueller Report came out, as it was clear he'd lied at that very moment, what purpose would it serve to call him back to discuss past testimony? Would the senate care if Trump knew about June 9?

4/ Sure, if Trump knew of the June 9 meeting, there's a chance the Kremlin knows that and could hold it over him... but let's get serious, Putin already has *many* Trump lies it can hold over him. No, this has to be something Trump Jr. kept out of his past testimony *altogether*.

5/ If you add Burr saying he's only intrested in counterintelligence issues right now to the fact that the SSCI would be unlikely to call Jr. back just to talk about things he already talked to the Committee about, that leads you to him discussing *this*: 

6/ This will be confusing to those who haven't read the many news stories in major media on this subject, but it's important to understand that the allegations that the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel illegally assisted the Trump campaign *also involve Russia*.

It's all one story.

7/ So anyone who tells you that any reference to the Trump campaign receiving aid from any country other than Russia is an attempt by Trump critics to "change the subject from Russia" has not read *any* of the news on what the *intelligence* committees are actually investigating.

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