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One out of every 11,600 persons in San Francisco is a billionaire (highest per capita); further proof that software (and mathematics behind it) is not only eating the world but is increasingly the key to becoming incredibly wealthy incredibly quickly. 

2. If you have technical chops and want to be a billionaire, move to San Francisco, New York or Dubai (though all cities in this list are hungry for technical skills). Hollywood cannot survive without tech - computer folks made Avengers Endgame the highest box-office grosser.

3. Will Silicon Valley wipe out Tinseltown (Hollywood)? Could high paid actors be replaced by AI/CGI versions created by high paid software engineers (I joked a few years ago that agents who rep star programmers in Hollywood will be a burgeoning new industry)?

4. As layoffs mount at digital publishers and traditional newspaper chains, we are already seeing big will disruptions in the news industry - roughly a third of the content produced by Bloomberg News, for example, uses some form of automated technology.

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