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This is Mitch McConnell's & Rand Paul's home state:

“22 Counties in KY Use Voting Machines from Company [ES&S] That Donated $30K to GOP” 

ES&S has also installed REMOTE ACCESS SOFTWARE in 300 jurisdictions it won't identify.  1/

2/ More on ES&S's remote access software (via @KimZetter):

3/ ES&S also installed wireless modems in voting equipment in Illinois and the swing states of Florida and Wisconsin starting in 2015. This means vote tallies are sent from the precincts to the all-important central tabulators OVER THE INTERNET. 

4/ More on those cellular modems installed by voting machine vendor ES&S:

5/ Related sourced thread.

6/ Here is IT election expert Andrew Appel’s article explaining how cellular modems, like those in ES&S’s “upgraded” DS200 scanners, can enable bad actors to intercept and alter vote tallies using a small cell tower simulator such as a Stingray. 

7/ From September 2018:

8/ From September 2018:

9/ From September 2018:

10/ From November 2018:

11/ From September 2018:

12/ From November 2018:

13/ From September 2018:

14/ From October 2018:

15/ Thread.

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