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Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian & other early Indian coins in Britain — post with a revised map by me :)  https://www.caitlingreen.org/2015/01/indo-greek-indo-scythian-other-early.html 

A 2nd-century BC Indo-Greek coin of Menander from Tenby, Wales; it was found two feet down in 1881 during the digging of foundations.

The British Museum "insist that it cannot possibly have been found in Britain; but for all that it was":  https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=qcOwIMflx7AC&pg=PA400#v=onepage&q&f=false 

Another Indo-Greek coin of Menander from c. 150 BC was found at Towcester, Northamptonshire, in 1882, and again seems to have been turned up during the digging of foundations; Northants N&Q 1, 1886, p.99.

Yet another 2nd-century BC Indo-Greek coin of Menander was found near Stonehenge before 1880, and is recorded in the VCH Wiltshire:  https://www.pastscape.org.uk/hob.aspx?hob_id=219845 

One more coin of Menander was found at Buriton, Hampshire, in the 1920s, and was the subject of an article for the BBC History Magazine in 2006 by @llewelyn_morgan (text via  https://web.archive.org/web/20161221184006/http://buriton.org.uk/bhb/whatsnew.htm ).

The most recent find is of a silver Indo-Greek drachm of Menander, c. 160–145 BC, which was made in Denbighshire, Wales, in 2018!  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/922867 

A coin of Demetrios I of Bactria, c. 200–185 BC, found at Fenham nr Newcastle:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/483299 

A coin of Nahapana who ruled NW India; the coin is believed to have been minted c. AD 119–24 and was found in Clipstone, Nottinghamshire:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/203365 

A posthumous coin of the Indo-Greek king Hermaios, early 1stC BC; minted in the Kabul/Gandhara region & found in Hampshire:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/634213 

Coin of the Kushan Emperor Kanishka I (c. AD 127-50) made at Begram, Afghanistan, and found at Lydiate, Merseyside:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/526273 

A late first-century BC coin of the Indo-Scythian king Azes II, found at Nailstone, Leicestershire:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/159595 

Another Indo-Greek coin from Britain, probably Apollodotus I, c.180–160 BC, found London:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/573374 

A copper-alloy Kushan coin from Bactria, AD 100-60, found London & recorded Dec 2015:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/757483 

Coin of the Kushan emperor Vasudeva I (c. AD 190-230), found Newquay, Cornwall:  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/428329 

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