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WI, FL, MI, PA, IL, & RI installed wireless modems and/or remote access software in their election equipment:
* Cellular modems (WI, FL, MI, IL, RI & perhaps PA)
* Remote access: (PA & perhaps WI, FL, MI, Illinois, RI).

Link re: cellular modems:  1/

2/ Article re: remote access. By @kimzetter. 

3/ More about the remote access software installed by voting machine vendor ES&S in 300 jurisdictions it refuses to identify: 

4/ "Forensic Analysis Finds Venango County, PA, E-Voting System 'Remotely Accessed' on “Multiple Occasions' by Unknown Computer." (The vendor [ES&S] and county then shut down the analysis.) By @TheBradBlog 

5/ Article by cybersecurity expert, explaining how using cellular modems to transmit electronic vote tallies can enable bad actors to intercept & change those tallies using a cell tower simulator such as a Stingray. 

6/ In response to a letter from 30 cybersecurity and election experts expressing concern about the cellular modems, the Trump administration refused to even try to discourage jurisdictions from using them.

Link to the letter:

7/ Sorry. That was an article. Here is the link to the letter: 

8/ via @EricGeller:

9/ Seven-item checklist for secure elections in 2020! Please ask for every item on this list from your members of Congress, state lawmakers, and state and local election officials. Thank you. #ProtectOurVotes

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