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How do the dogs take pit stops on the #InternationalDogBus? You might notice that we have little welded loops all along the bottom of the truck and trailer.

When it’s time for a pee break, we take little double ended chains (called “drop lines”) and clip one end to the dogs’ collars and the other ends to the loops on the truck.

Taking all the dogs out of the truck, then putting them back in, is called a “dog drop.” Depending on the location, we can also let some of the dogs run loose; this is called “loose dropping.” I am not sure what dropping has to do with any of this, but that’s musher lingo for ya.

The dogs usually use this time to do their business, stretch, play, drink water, and eat snacks (this morning they all got raw hamburger patties). They’re also very concerned with sniffing each other’s bunks to make sure they got the best one.

Sometimes they demand chicken skins.

We take the dogs out in groups of 5-6 at a time, and the whole process lasts about an hour, several times a day. Once everyone is relieved and hydrated, they jump back in their bunks (usually with a boost from us) and it’s time to keep going down the road.

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