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weird, are any of those cable channels owned by massive corporations and/or billionaires?

I honestly think that Joe Biden is one of the 4-5 least talented campaigners currently running for president and the other shoe is going to drop





Millions of Democrats going for Biden because they're worried about "electability" never once stopped to think of the entirely plausible scenario of him getting the nomination and then getting hit with the first accusation

and then the second

and then the twentieth

The first candidate the Democrats run post #metoo is going to be Joe Biden? Joey Hands? For real?

Reminds me of the old Kids in the Hall sketch where Buddy Holly decides to let his pet chimp Rocky fly the airplane.

like seriously how does this not occur to you, it's more likely to happen than not

He's neckrubbing women on stage with cameras rolling and sniffing hair.

That by itself is Not Great Bob even if you don't care about women; even if all you care about is the horserace political strategy.

You think a guy who would do that LEFT it at that?

In a 40-yr career?


People treating a hell of a gamble as a sure thing, is all I'm saying.

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