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*sees this hygiene discussion happening on the tl*

for real.

y'all are nasty.

yes disrespect.


i have one or two dirty friends.


i have two dirty friends.

now, first of all...
in answer to your question--


but can i just say....
that to their filthy credit--
they stand in it.
they own it.

they're like, "i don't feel like washing. i'm too tired. just put some hand sanitizer under your armpits like i do."

b/c they're dirty. filth is an integral part of their identity.

and they don't try to hide it.
they don't try to call it anything else.

whatever, man.
i make my bed ONE time a week........
and i'm QUICK to take off my clothes and leave them draped over a dresser (or on the damned floor)......
but i use 2 wash cloths and a loofah and scrub my ENTIYA 5'2 inch frame 2-3 times a day.
more if i'm sad.

so everything happening on the tl......





let me amend this.

i did not shower or wash my hair with ANY degree of regularity the summer i studied for the bar.

my parents made me stay next door when ppl came over b/c of how i uh....

i was in an admittedly dark place.

so i will assume everyone who isn't washing is studying for the bar.

or mcat or whatever comparable assessment you must be struggling through.

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