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At this rate, the next gen of safe space kids aren't going to be able to leave the house without being offended if, say, a dog barks near them.

I can't even Tweet things said to me playing Quake as a kid. 1000x worse. Look bullying is bad but if you're not at least exposed to some conflicts (IRL too) you're never going to survive. World isn't a padded room. Just the opposite, it's ruthless. Teach your kids to stand up.

Unreal people are saying I can't have an opinion on this b/c I don't have kids. As if I have no stake in the future of society. Plenty of research here but I guess an n=1 exp is all that matters. Keep doing you, shelter your kids from reality I'm sure that will work out fine.

This topic is more nuanced than Twitter & I get sense some of you haven't paid attention to the larger trend here. This debate is worth listening to while you work to hear all perspectives. I don't think the 'coddle everyone forever' group is v persuasive. 

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