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When “The Rap of China” launched in 2017, it pushed underground Chinese rap music into the mainstream. Now, producers are turning to L.A. and other cities to find new talent.

20-year-old Xingyu Li was among 50 people who had been invited to try out for the next season of “The Rap of China” in L.A. 📸: @Carolyn_Cole  https://lat.ms/2Hj0wEP 

Inspired by the global success of K-pop in South Korea, the show is hoping to build an international audience. 📸: @Carolyn_Cole  https://lat.ms/2Hj0wEP 

The show provided a large platform for rap artists to showcase their work but in return, artists have been careful about what they talk about in their lyrics. Contestants have been increasingly fearful of offending government censors in China.  https://lat.ms/2Hj0wEP 

Some, like Xingyu Li, are willing to accept the content limitations. “If you want to be in this show, you have to obey the rules,” he explains.  https://lat.ms/2Hj0wEP 

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