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“If men had periods...”

Cute hypothetical. I can tell you what happens WHEN we, trans men, do. There aren’t any wastebins in the stall, so we have to discretely dispose of the tampon that just came out of our bodies, which is both an inconvenience and a threat to our safety. K?

And no, testosterone doesn’t always stop it. Some of us literally have to do this song and dance every freaking month, and hope that we aren’t outed in the process — which could lead to being attacked, harassed, or even (legally, in most states) fired from our jobs.

Because at least y’all can ask someone for a tampon without it jeopardizing your safety. Meanwhile we’re coordinating secret drop-offs with coworkers, taking sick days, and coming up with elaborate ways to smuggle things in and out of the men’s room.

You have no idea, do you?

And we do all of this while navigating the profound dysphoria that often accompanies it. A psychological pain that gives many of us tunnel vision, anxiety attacks, even suicidal thoughts.

There is no “if” here. You’d know that IF you listened to trans folks.

But please tell me how funny it is to imagine ~men~ having a period. Reinforce the erasure AND the stigma at the same time! Super helpful.

Or you could just say “cis men” when you’re talking about cis men! Imagine that

Sarcasm aside: If it involves stigmatizing or legislating uteruses, it impacts people like me.

You may not know that when you look at me. But that’s exactly why we need to stop making assumptions about what “the face” of reproductive justice looks like.

It’s our fight, too.

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