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1. Iranian-born @Shervin Pishevar (son of an immigrant - his father, a TV executive in Iran, moved to US after being put on Khomeini’s execution list, drove cabs in the DC area) co-led Uber’s crucial $32 million round of Series B funding in 2011, allowing it to expand in DC.

2. Uber’s launch in DC got lobbyists, politicians, journalists and many other “influencers” with a business expense account hooked on its “black car” premium service experience - there was no looking back after that. Many cities fell like dominoes after Uber conquered DC.

3. From a blog post Shervin wrote 7 years ago: “How many chances do we get to help build a global brand that brings delight, happiness and magic to people’s lives around the world?” and predicted that Uber “will soon be as ubiquitous as FedEx…”

4. My Lyft driver yesterday was a woman in her fifties who is launching a commercial cleaning business. She drives for Uber too and uses the opportunity to not only make extra $$ but network with CEOs and key decision makers by strategically choosing to give rides to airports.

5. She says she drives 7000 miles a month (which goes to show that even in a major city with public transit options there’s room for services like Uber/Lyft to close transportation gaps) and has already locked in 5 major clients inspired by her hustle.

6. One person she drove to the airport was an entrepreneur who had recently launched a creative agency and was so impressed by her driver’s grit that she offered to build her company’s website and do social media marketing at a greatly reduced price.

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