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Have we really been this dumb? You be the judge.

A convicted embezzler (crimes involved sophisticated computer tampering) was the "senior programmer" of the GEMS Diebold CENTRAL TABULATOR counting 1/3 votes in 2004!! 1/ 

2/ A 2004 DHS cyber-alert about Global/Diebold's election management system central tabulators stated that "A vulnerability exists due to an undocumented backdoor account, which could allow local or remote authenticated malicious user to modify votes.” 


4/ Here's an SEC filing showing that CONVICTED FELON Dean was the largest shareholder of Global Election Systems in 2001 (which Diebold acquired in 02).

5/ @paulkrugman (NYT) is one of the few in the MSM to comment on Dean's (ex-con) position at Global/Diebold. 

6/ Snip of Sentencing document for Dean (35 counts of embezzlement) who also oversaw Global/Diebold's programming in the 2000 election where a Global/Diebold machine lost 16k Gore votes. I received the whole document from @VoterGa

7/ “How to Rig an Election,” Harpers Magazine 2012, is probably the most famous article about the criminals involved with Diebold/Premier (previously called “Global”) and deservedly so. All US voters should read it. Kids should read it in school. 

8/ In July 2000, Global/Diebold promoted Bob Urosevich to president. Dean, a convicted felon, became a Sr. VP in Sept 2000. Dean had previously “pleaded guilty to 23 counts of embezzlement involving sophisticated manipulation of computer …records..." 

9/ “The voting machines are made by well-connected private companies that wield immense control over their proprietary software, often fighting vigorously in court to prevent anyone from examining it when things go awry.” By @KimZetter for NYT 

10/ “In Ohio in 2004, for example, where John Kerry lost the presidential race following numerous election irregularities, Kerry’s team was denied access to the voting-machine software.”

11/ “‘We were told by the court that you were not able to get that algorithm to check it, bc it was proprietary information,’ Kerry recalled in a recent interview on WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show.’”

12/ “The voting-machine industry — an estimated $300-million-a-year business — has long been as troubling as the machines it makes, known for its secrecy, close political ties (overwhelmingly to the Republican Party) and a revolving door between vendors and election offices.”

13/ “Hackers can access voting machines via the cellular modems used 2 transmit unofficial results at the end of an election, or subvert back-end election-management systems —used 2 program the voting machines and tally votes —& spread malicious code 2 voting machines thru them.”

14/ “Attackers could design their code to bypass pre-election testing and kick in only at the end of an election or under specific conditions — say, when a certain candidate appears to be losing — and erase itself afterward to avoid detection.”

15/ All voting machines, scanners & ballot markers receive programming b4 each election from centralized county or state election management systems, & precinct tallies are aggregated on centralized county tabulators. These are centralized attack vectors! 

16/ Diebold installed remote access software on these centralized election management systems and centralized tabulators! So did ES&S! 

17/ So if a campaign had access to early exit polls (Trump 2016) or if a state’s results were routed through a backup channel before counting was complete (Ohio 2004), a corrupt insider absolutely 100% could remotely alter vote tallies on the central tabulators.

18/ Again: A 2004 DHS cyber-alert re: Global/Diebold's central tabulators stated that "A vulnerability exists due to an undocumented backdoor account, which could allow local or remote authenticated malicious user to modify votes.” 

19/ Diebold accounted for about 30% of US election equipment before it was acquired by ES&S in 2009. So much for our “decentralized” election system. 

20/ Meanwhile, “Two companies owned by a single family were directly involved with the ‘butterfly ballots’ of 2000 and the corrupted Ohio 2004 recount. The family currently has its hands on Ohio’s voter registration system & voting machines!” 

21/ And ES&S, which now accounts for 44% of US election equipment, has installed remote access software in 300 jurisdictions it refuses to identify.

21/ And it’s selling more shady touchscreen systems throughout the US as I type. The new ES&S ExpressVote XL “Hybrid” is just the latest terrifying example. 

22/ Lost in the hoopla over hanging chads is the fact that a Global/Diebold machine in Volusia County, Florida subtracted 16K Gore votes in the 2000 presidential election, an “error” discovered only bc an alert poll worker noticed Gore’s total going down. 


24/ Here is a 7-point election security check list. Pls send this to your Members of Congress, state lawmakers, state & local county election officials, & favorite candidates.

24/ Pls check  activist’s corner for action items, state and county election official address lists, and other info.

25/ Pls also see  for upcoming election-security rallies and the latest video (by Emmy Award winning journalist @LuluFriesdat) about the latest touchscreen voting machines and their vulnerabilities.

26/ Stay tuned for an upcoming event in New York on June 6! #ProtectOurVotes

#ProtectOurVotes #TransparentChainOfCustody #HandAuditsOrHandCounts 27/

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