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Does anybody know #WhoFundsTheFederalist?

Yesterday @BDomenech published and deleted a pro-Duterte piece by Seaborn Hall. That's this guy.

"He has participated with prophetic people and evaluated prophetic and supernatural phenomena for over 25 years."

Impressive. Mr. Seaborn is also a bitcoin enthusiast who's published at pro-Russian junk outlet ZeroHedge. in 2015 he said America was heading for hyperinflation, and spread other false panics.  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-16/how-likely-hyperinflation-us 

Some of his other works about bitcoin he lists on his LinkedIn profile:

"Why Bitcoin Is Not In A Bubble Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Next Decade? Part One Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Next Decade?"

"The Bernie Madoff Fraud: Five Lessons For Investors From 'The Wizard Of Lies' How Likely Is Hyperinflation in the US? Evaluating The Arguments For The Dollar's Demise"

He was on RealClearMarkets but they also seem to have gone off him a bit.

Have you registered under FARA for Russia, @Bdomenech? Maybe you should consider it. #WhoFundsTheFederalist

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