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Hell, let's do this again.

1. Barry White
3. Jay-Z
4. Smashing Pumpkins
5. David Bowie
6. Beck

Jay-Z is the lie. Painful, because I had a friend offer me a ticket for the famous 2003 "farewell" concert at Madison Square Garden and I couldn't make it.

Saw Barry White in the early 1990s -- outdoor amphitheater, backup singers wheeled out in giant champagne glasses. /1

Saw KISS in the mid-90s on a kitschy reunion tour, in Albany.

I've seen the Pumpkins a half dozen times, including Lollapalooza and the Mellon Collie tour (at the glorious Fox Theater in Atlanta)

I caught Beck at the legendary Hiro Ballroom show -- just a few hundred folks. /2

And Bowie came out for the encore at an Arcade Fire show at Summerstage in Central Park.

I'm pretty sure half of the screaming in this video is from me: 

In addition to Queen Bitch, they did this version of Wake Up that was simply mindblowing. Top five thing I've ever seen on stage. 

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