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How cld the GOP have stolen the 04 election? How about remote access to the county tabulators? Cuz America’s partisan voting machine vendors (ES&S & Diebold = 70% US election equipment) did that: they put remote access software in the county tabulators.  1/

2/ Source: ES&S and Diebold equaled 70% of US election equipment. 

3/ via @KimZetter

4/ “At least five convicted felons secured management positions” at Diebold Election Systems, “a manufacturer of electronic voting machines...” 

5/ A convicted embezzler (crimes involved sophisticated computer tampering) was the "senior programmer" of the GEMS Diebold CENTRAL TABULATOR counting 1/3 votes in 2004. 

6/ SEC filing showing that Jeffrey Dean, the convicted embezzler, was the largest shareholder of Global in 2001 (which was acquired & re-named Diebold Election Systems” in 2002).

7/ Excerpt from Dean’s sentencing document. via @BevHarrisWrites & @VoterGa

#HandMarkedPaperBallots #TransparentChainOfCustody
#HandAuditsOrHandCounts 8/

9/ If you don’t think the #ChainOfCustody is important, pls read about the corrupted 2004 recount in Ohio. #RemoteAcces. 

10/ Thread.

11/ Now that I think of it, the GOP could have skipped the central tabulators and simply altered the reported totals that were routed through #Smartech in TN. It didn’t work for the Kremlin in Ukraine in 2014, but this is US....

12/ Unless you think that “rigorous” 2004 mostly machine recount—which was overseen by the “butterfly ballot” family with its cheat sheets and remote access—would have caught and exposed the discrepancies. FFS! 

13/ Thread.

14/ BTW, according to the article in post 1, ES&S and Diebold BOTH installed remote access software. ES&S says it put it in 300 jurisdictions it won’t identify. What about Diebold? How many jurisdictions did it load up?

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