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"Yes, you can have a female president, but she has to be thoroughly complicit with modern American conservative fascism" is an awesome op-ed to publish.

Whenever someone tells you to wait a little longer for something that's long overdue, be very skeptical.

Even more so when they tell you the wait is in service of making it bad enough for bad-minded people to accept.

I'm skeptical that modern American conservatives would ever vote for any woman, but there's no doubt that, were they to do so, it would definitely help if the woman in question demonstrated herself quite willing to support the dumbest loudest most corrupt and abusive man ever.

The problem with the idea of the first female president being a Republican is this:

If we ever have another Republican president again, we're all literally doomed.

Is the problem.

Anyway, the best candidate of my lifetime is a woman who's running right now, so we don't have to wait for the psychological comfort of the same people responsible for creating the problems she's ready to solve.

We don't need permission from the very worst of us.

We never do.

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