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I get why people try to "ah-ha!" their way around abortion laws, like with sex strikes or saying men should pay child support starting at conception and all, but it doesn't matter. They don't actually care. The cruelty is the point, the control is the point

If it was actually about saving babies, a single one of these pro-life politicians would be in favor of maternity leave or childcare or healthcare to help pay for these very expensive pregnancies. But they don't, because it's not about that

"It doesn't make sense that they want to outlaw both abortion AND contraception!" It does actually! Because the point is controlling and punishing women for having sex. That is the entire point. The end

The freedom to choose whether or not you want to have a child allows you to be in the workforce, it allows you to travel, it allows you to make choices for yourself and make your own money and live on your own terms and these dudes fucking hate the shit out of that

Also: The rich and privileged will always have safe access to abortion. The wives of pro-lifers have always secretly been able to abort. The bans are for controlling the poor and the marginalized and everyone else the rich and privileged benefit from keeping down.

This is the second time this week I've tweeted a long ass abortion thread before getting up and having coffee but it's when I'm at my softest and angriest

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