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"You have to watch the entire interview for the CONTEXT" is some lazy nonsense.

This isn't some doctored footage. It's just a guy melting down in an interview in embarrassing fashion because he's being asked challenging questions about his own words and he's unused to it.

You don't have to watch the whole game to understand why the buzzer beater was an exciting moment.

Nor do you have to watch the whole boring interview to understand why Shapiro's meltdown exposes him as a weak-minded hack.

"digging up" his own words to ask him questions about them—what did this interviewer think this was, an interview?

how coddled do these right-wing free crybabies expect to be?

Favoring legislation that will spike maternal mortality rates and prosecute women who have suffered a miscarriage for murder—which the laws Ben defends will do—is barbaric and returns us to very dark ages.

Shapiro can't explain why not? His problem.

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