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Hi, Millichamp. I did a threat on that. I'll put the link into the next tweet.

@karen_stenner is one of the leading authorities on this, and she has promised to do some tweeting about this. When I wrote my "How to Talk To MAGA People" I consulted with her . . .

. . . she even read the final draft. You can read about @karen_stenner here: She's a psychologist who has spent her life writing about the authoritarian personality, and long ago predicted a Trump-like figure.

Here's myMAGA people thread:

Here's . . .

. . . OOPS: a "threat" on that in the first tweet.

And I didn't start at the beginning of the MAGA thread.

Well, I'm Tweeting on Mother's Day. All errors forgiven, right?

Here's a summary of one of Stenner's essays (co-authored with Haidt):

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