Max Kennerly @MaxKennerly Trial lawyer by day. Cookie monster by night. May. 12, 2019 1 min read

I've seen criticism of "like 10 people." The ten richest Americans are worth $730 billion. The fourteen richest American families (excluding the Koch brothers, so no double-counting) are worth $511 billion. Together, they're worth more than 60% of Americans combined.

Thank you for all of your opinions, many of which are very bad. While you're here, can I interest you in learning about wealth & income inequality, estimates of @ewarren's reasonable wealth tax, and how @AOC's tax plan is historically normal and would not inhibit economic growth?

People still rolling in, so:

1) AOC's marginal income tax and Warren's wealth tax are great. Do them both.

2) Here's some sources for the numbers.

3) Here's also why "individuals" are different from "families." Koch brothers are not double-counted. 

4) Yes, as one reply said, my tweet "literally proved what AOC said." There are ten people with $730B in wealth. There's also "like, ten" families with another $500B. That's why she quoted it.

5) The top 0.01% is just 16,000 families, with at least $111 million each. Tax them.

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