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Comfort Town: a 115-acre housing development that has taken shape in a drab, Soviet-era district of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.  https://lat.ms/2LDeXZO 

Comfort Town looms over the landscape like some giant Lego set in the brightest imaginable hues: screaming yellows, bright lime greens, blues and oranges and deep brick reds — all rising into the sky.  https://lat.ms/2LDeXZO 

It began when a team of architects charged with building a housing development decided to make it to stand apart from the Soviet-era housing surrounding it.

They wanted to build a place that might lift residents’ spirits rather than crush them.  https://lat.ms/2LDeXZO 

There was one major catch: It had to be cheap.  https://lat.ms/2LDeXZO 

Natasha Kalnibolotskaya and her husband were among the first families to move into Comfort Town after it opened in late 2012. She believes the kaleidoscope of Comfort Town makes her family happier.  https://lat.ms/2LDeXZO 

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