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Hey @CNN, my friend @colbymommy wants to know if any Time-Warner outlets are covering Barr and mentioning he was a board member. 

And...wat dis? Barr also sat on the board of a company that does...nuclear power plants? What do you think @LindseyGrahamSC? 

Sort of puts Barr's comments about Hillary Clinton, "Uranium One," and Solyndra in a different light, right? Since he was on the board of a company that did nuke plants and fossil fuels. 

Actually, this raises some interesting questions about Barr working for Russian Alfa Bank's law firm, Kirkland & Ellis - for Caterpillar. 

Caterpillar was accused of tax evasion using offshore banking - in the billions.

A week before the police raid, Barr was counsel and Trump was with Caterpillar's CEO. 

Caterpillar celebrated 100 YEARS IN RUSSIA recently. (Weird!)

Did any of those profits flow through offshore banking? I wonder what Barr advised... 

Caterpillar Financial operates out of Moscow to finance deals in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Offices in Dubai, Beijing, Zurich, and Malaysia, too! 

Also, isn't it a bit of a coincidence that Barr's daughter moved over Treasury FinCEN, which would oversee such crimes?

Or his son-in-law at the National Security Division of DOJ, which would investigate espionage? 

Barr was also on the board of Och-Ziff, that nice hedge fund that got busted for bribery and fraud in Africa over...mining. 

And now he's in contempt of Congress over hiding a report that involves Russia.

I'm beginning to think he's not appropriate as Attorney General!


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