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Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without a good foreign direct investment climate in the US - Saudis poured billions of dollars into Uber at a crucial point, allowing it to hire unemployed Americans and subsidize rides (Uber loses money on every ride).

2. Often overlooked impact of Uber and Lyft - both incentivize use of “greener vehicles” by offering premium pay for drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles - as a result sales of these vehicles have soared, forcing automakers to change their behaviors. 

3. So far the Saudis appear to have lost $200 million subsidizing Uber rides 

4. The US birthed app-powered ride-sharing but the biggest impact may be felt from China’s cloning of this model - sales of electric vehicles have soared there as Uber/Lyft clones have multiplied in China over the years (though China built thousands of miles of high speed rail).

5. When will ride sharing be profitable? Probably not until driverless vehicles go mainstream. By 2030, per a Goldman Sachs study, the worldwide ride-sharing market could grow eight-fold, reaching $285 billion (profits TBD based on how ride-sharing operators reduce driver costs).

6. Aside from reducing human-driver related expenses, operators may need to collaborate with automakers and city planners to devise more robust vehicles and more efficient routes that require less maintenance while increasing human productivity and safety.

One of the things I love about US tech industry (especially Silicon Valley) - how open people are about sharing their knowledge, problems, fixes. Here’s an Uber engineer sharing issues they’ve had with deploying microservices and how they overcame those. 

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