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In the May 14 LAUSD board runoff election, two white candidates — Jackie Goldberg and Heather Repenning— will compete for the votes of majority-Latino District 5.  https://lat.ms/2YjPmGM 

Some question whether Goldberg and Repenning can adequately represent Board District 5, which was redrawn about 15 years ago for the very purpose of ensuring the Latino vote would not be diluted.  https://lat.ms/308g4nQ 

Oddly shaped District 5 includes rapidly-gentrifying Silver Lake, Echo Park and Eagle Rock in the north and the lower-income, majority-Latino cities of Bell, Huntington Park, South Gate and Cudahy in the southeast.

But during the March primary election this year, there were nearly three times as many votes cast in the northern part of District 5 as in the southeast.

Four of the LAUSD board’s seven members will be white in a school district where 9 in 10 students are not white.  https://lat.ms/2YjPmGM 

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