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All right I saw the episode give me all the takes.

This is smart.

The problem is that there is simply no coherent account of Dany's motivations. She's angry at Cersei, she's hurt, she feels abandoned, she has delusions of grandeur, whatever ... NONE of that is addressed in any way by frying innocent residents of King's Landing.

Cersei has already lost. There's no threat. If she just wants to "inspire fear," I'm pretty sure taking out the Iron Fleet & an entire city's defenses with one dragon in about 10 minutes did it. However GRRM might lead up to it, in the show, it's just pure plot stipulation.

Also: Euron Greyjoy, in the show, was offensively terrible, a broad, almost slapstick character that seemed to come out of an entirely different show. His entire arc was awful, culminating in the goofiest, most useless, most laughably bad exit of any character on the show yet.

Final complaint (probably): I love the Hound & Arya team-up generally, but ... we're supposed to believe that in one 30-second inspirational speech, the Hound dissuades Arya from the entire purpose of her life? "Oh I guess revenge is bad, mmkay, bye." 🙄

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