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A record 46% of rural hospitals lost money last year. 400 are classified by health officials as at “high risk of imminent failure.” There’s also a doctor shortage in rural areas as doctors prefer to live and work in US cities or in lucrative, tax-free havens in the Middle East.

2. Funding for residency training has been frozen since 1997 and without an increase in federal support, there simply won’t be enough doctors to meet demand. US could see a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030, according to the AAMC. 

3. Unlike Uber/Lyft losing money and still being able to deliver quality service, hospitals can’t survive without an infusion of cash and talent. Many rural hospitals however also failed to adapt to changing times and patient needs this meant that they couldn’t attract doctors.

4. This 2016 report from Kaiser Foundation does a better job of explaining why rural hospitals have been closing over the last decade than that Washington Post report does - a must read for anyone thinking more government run healthcare is the solution. 

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