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1. How does 8chan, a racist message board linked to the gun massacres in New Zealand and Pittsburgh, generate enough cash to operate?

Let's follow the money.


2. 8chan is owned by Jim Watkins, a pig farmer in the Philippines. Watkins avoids a lot of the problems other racist sites run into by providing most of 8chan's services, including domain hosting, through his own company, NT Technology.


3. But it's still expensive to run a website. You need to pay for servers, bandwidth, and staff. So Watkins needs an outside source of cash.

So he operates a number of other websites through NT Technologies.


4. The most important of the other sites Watkins runs is  http://books.audio . It sells audio books, including some about sex vacations in the Philippines narrated by Watkins himself

Watkins picture is featured on  http://book.audio  as a narrator


5. Watkins then sells these audio books on 8chan and other websites, including The Goldwater. But Watkins doesn't sell them directly. They are purchased through Amazon. For each sale, Watkins (and therefore 8chan) gets a cut.


6. Watkins' books are also available through Amazon's Audible subsidiary. If a new Audible customer starts with one of Watkins' books, he gets a $75 bonus.


7. So that's how @amazon, the most valuable company in the world, helps fund 8chan, a wellspring of racism, violence, and criminal activity online and in the physical world.

I contacted @amazon for comment and never heard back.


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9. Special thanks to the @thedailybeast who co-published this piece and provided essential editing and fact-checking of a complicated story


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