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🚨 Remote access in county (or state) election tabulators

🚨 Wireless modems in precinct scanners

🚨 Unauditable voting machines & unaudited results

🚨 Convicted felons in management positions

🚨 Donations to the GOP

This is America’s voting system. We’ve been scammed. 1/

2/ “Top Voting Machine Vendor [ES&S] Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States” 

3/ @KimZetter

4/ “ES&S has recently installed such cellular modems in Wisconsin, Florida, and Rhode Island. Michigan and Illinois transfer results via cellular modem as well.” 

5/ ”According to Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel..., these cellular modems could enable a malicious actor to intercept and ‘alter vote totals as they are uploaded’ by setting up a nearby cell phone tower (similar to the Stingray system used by many police departments).

6/ “Kemp and an Unauditable Voting System Meet Abrams and the People of Georgia” 

7/ “The ICE system is designed in a way that would allow someone to program it to print additional votes on a ballot after the voter has cast it. This feature renders elections conducted on these machines unauditable...” 

8/ “The outcomes of elections conducted on current BMDs [such as ES&S’s ExpressVote & ExpressVote XL & the Dominion ICE] therefore cannot be confirmed by audits“ 

9/ “New ‘hybrid’ voting system can change paper ballot after it's been cast” 

10/ “Touchscreens with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (‘VVPATs’) are almost as bad as paperless machines. Ballot Marking Devices (‘electronic pencils’) are poised to follow in their dangerous path.” 

11/ Expose by Emmy Award winning journalist @LuluFriesdat shows why so-called “Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails” are a scam. See 4:32.

12/ “According to computer science Professor Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, only two states, Colorado and New Mexico, conduct manual audits sufficiently robust to detect vote tally manipulation.” 

13/ “More than half of US states do not require manual audits at all, while manual recount laws typically allow automatic state-funded recounts only if the margin of victory is less than 1 percent.” 

14/ “At least five convicted felons secured management positions” at Diebold Election Systems, ‘a manufacturer of electronic voting machines...’” 

15/ “A convicted embezzler (crimes involved sophisticated computer tampering) was the "senior programmer" of the GEMS Diebold CENTRAL TABULATOR counting 1/3 votes in 2004. 

16/ More on Jeffrey Dean, the convicted embezzler at Diebold. 

17/ Bob Urosevich, who had previously founded voting machine vendor ES&S with his brother (who remained at ES&S) was the president of Global/Diebold when Jeffrey Dean and his friend from prison, John Elder, were brought into the company. 

18/ Vanity Fair reporting on Jeffrey Dean and John Elder: 

19/ ES&S made its already obvious familial relationship with Diebold official by acquiring Diebold in 2009. The combined company accounted for 70% of US election equipment. 

20/ According to this article, both ES&S AND Diebold had sold election management systems/central tabulators with remote access. 

21/ The DOJ forced ES&S to sell Diebold’s warehoused equipment and intellectual property rights. (Although not reported, it seems that ES&S kept most of the Diebold contracts, which is a big deal because the contracts are what gives a vendor control). 

22/ Although ES&S sold Diebold’s assets (other than the actual county & state contracts) to Dominion Voting & although Diebold supposedly dissolved, ES&S (rather than Dominion) is generally considered Diebold’s successor. 

23/ ES&S’s Sr VP of governmental relations, Kathy Rogers, came from Diebold with the original acquisition in 2009 (before that, she was Georgia’s Election Director). I suspect other members of ES&S came & stayed from Diebold too. 

24/ As reported here and by @suehalpernVT and myself, ES&S has donated $30,000 to the GOP since 2013. 

25/ ES&S lobbyists and the Georgia Secretary of State’s office have an alarmingly close relationship. 

26/ Whereas @SpeakerPelosi’s former chief of staff now lobbies for Dominion Voting. 

27/ Dominion and another vendor (HART) would not tell @KimZetter whether they, too, have installed remote access software in election management systems and central tabulators.

28/ ES&S won’t identify the 300 jurisdictions where it installed remote access software, but it has been discovered (no thanks to the vendors & election officials) in Pennsylvania and Michigan. 

29/ “Forensic Analysis Finds Venango County, PA, E-Voting System [from ES&S] ‘Remotely Accessed’ on ‘Multiple Occasions’ by Unknown Computer.” By @TheBradBlog 

30/ Remote access software was installed in Ohio as well. (Note: I suspect TRIAD was a third-party supplier for Diebold and/or ES&S and that thexmachines were manufactured by one of those two companies, not TRIAD itself. But I’m not sure). 

31/ ES&S, which previously lied about installing remote access software at all, now claims to have “confirmed” w/ customers that the software is “no longer installed,” but will not say whether it was supposedly removed before or after the 2016 election. 

32/ These same vendors, ES&S/Diebold and Dominion, are now selling a new generation of shady touchscreen voting machines, this time with machine-marked summary cards (that they call "paper ballots") containing unverifiable barcodes, which will be counted as our votes.

33/ I've written multiple articles about these dangerous new barcode voting systems because no one in the MSM was doing so. (Politico has recently stepped up). Here is one of my barcode voting articles. 

34/ These same vendors, ES&S/Diebold and Dominion, are also selling even more dangerous "Hybrid" versions of these barcode voting systems. Because no one in the MSM would report it, I did so myself. Here's that piece. 

35/ The same elected officials & "national election integrity" groups that gave a pass to the last generation of easily hackable remote-access machines are giving a pass to these new barcode systems and hybrids supplied by the same vendors that scammed us already. Enough.

36/ The national election integrity groups to which I refer include @VerifiedVoting & @BrennanCenter.

37/ After much arm twisting,Verified Voting finally issued several statements expressing concern about barcode voting. But VV's president, @MarianSchneider, has done very little to amplify it.

38/ In short, it is up to US to stop these vendors from scamming us again. Pls send the election security check list to your Members of Congress, state lawmakers, & state and local election officials (and candidates). Demand that they ensure all items are implemented by 2020. TY

Secure Elections Checklist!

1. #HandMarkedPaperBallots
* No touchscreen voting machines
* No barcodes on ballots
* No "hybrid" voting systems
* No ballot marking devices
(except for voters with disabilities)


2. #TransparentChainofCustody
3. #HandAudits or #HandCounts (conducted publicly for all races)
4. #NoModemsOrRemoteAccess
5. #PostedPrecinctTotalsAndPollTapes (posted outside the precincts on Election Night)


6/ #PublishedReportedTotals
* must distinguish between early voting vs. election day voting vs absentee
voting to allow comparison with precinct totals & poll tapes

7/ #PaperVoterRolls
* As backup at every polling place


42/ P.S. @VerifiedVoting & @BrennanCenter have actually HELPED the vendors scam America in that they joined w/ the vendors early on in using the misleading phrase "voter marked paper ballots" to describe MACHINE-marked barcoded summary cards from hackable BMDS & Hybrids.

43/ That's why it's no longer enough to say "paper ballots" (unless you want to be stuck with machine-marked crappy "summary cards" with unverifiable barcodes). If you care about election security, you must now specify HAND marked paper ballots. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots

44/ Addendum! via @SwissTriple_M

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