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GG/Amzn/Appl: XX% of searches are now done with voice.
Marketers: Ah! This changes everything! What's our strategy?!
Me: Meh. Voice search doesn't matter.
Marketers: WHAT??! Are you mad?!
Me: What's the difference btwn getting a screen of results from voice vs. keyboard input?

Marketers: Well... It's something big! Voice search is big!
Me: I don't think it matters at all.
Marketers: But... But... Every session at every conference is all about how voice search will change everything?!
Me: Just like how mobile-first was gonna change everything?

Me: Look, if what you're *actually* worried about is voice answers, i.e. spoken results with no screen of choices, that's a different story, but no one's giving data on what % of queries those are, or whether they're cannibalistic vs. additive to the search pie as a whole.

Marketers: Well... Maybe. But, I'm still gonna go to that session about voice search changing everything.
Me: Cliff Notes--They're gonna say featured snippets are important, and show you ways to get 'em.
Marketers: Well... Maybe. But there must be more to it?!
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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