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Wayne LaPierre of the @NRA says "America was founded to escape the elites." Yet IS the elite. He's a lobbyist paid $5M per year, and he was reimbursed by his "nonprofit" after spending $500K on suits in Beverly Hills and family vacations - while NRA members foot the bills.

LaPierre twice billed Ackerman McQueen at least $39K for clothes purchased on two separate days at a Beverly Hills clothing boutique - part of nearly $275K in clothing that LaPierre charged to Ackerman between 2004 and 2017, according to a letter from the advertising firm.

LaPierre charged the firm more than $240 in travel expenses, including “air transportation” coinciding with a two-week trip he took to the Bahamas over Christmas in 2012, $18,300 for a car and driver while in Europe, and a trip to Italy with his wife.

LaPierre also billed back $13,800 in rent for a "summer intern" in Fairfax, Virginia, over a three-month period in 2016.

In addition, the @NRA paid $24M to an outside law firm over a 13-month period. Oliver North and an NRA Vice President called for an outside independent review of invoices in order “to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities” and “to comply with New York non-for-profit law.”

Members of the Senate Committee on Finance sent letters to the @NRA and Ackerman McQueen to turn over materials regarding allegations of self-dealing and examine the NRA’s nonprofit status. The New York AG's office has also begun an investigation into the NRA’s tax-exempt status.

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