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Hundreds of residents packed a church hall in San Bernardino a few weeks ago to hear community leaders rail against a huge new logistics center planned for the town’s airport.  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

The $200-million air cargo facility, the size of 11 football fields, could eventually generate some 3,800 jobs, garnering $6.5 million a year in revenue.  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

But what kind of jobs, residents wanted to know — low-paid part-time jobs with no benefits? What about pollution from 1,568 diesel-fueled truck trips a day and 26 daily cargo plane flights? 📸: @dania_maxwell  https://lat.ms/2HjY2 

A spectacular boom in warehouses and distribution centers over the past decade helped lift the Inland Empire out of the Great Recession, bringing an estimated 84,000 jobs.  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

But massive industrial investments come at a price. Cities often grant tens of millions of dollars in incentives to major retailers without iron-clad contracts to guarantee jobs or benefits. 📸: @dania_maxwell  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

Proposed legislation attempts to address these problems. For example, AB 485 would mandate annual public hearings and reports on incentive deals, projected tax revenue and progress in meeting job commitments.  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

At the San Bernardino gathering, community leaders argued that facilities should come with guarantees of well-paying, stable jobs and measures limiting air pollution. 📸: @dania_maxwell  https://lat.ms/2HjY29m 

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