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Here's another lovely example of blatant racism directed at me from a white leftist.

But 'only the right' has racists eh? Psssh... 😕

I'd love to say that messages like this from lefties were rare, but they're not unfortunately.

As soon as they realise a black guy isn't on 'their side', the racism comes out real quick.

I had the courtesy to not post his name although he didn't extend the same charity to me.

I don't post these to garner sympathy but to provide clear, real life examples of left wing racism.

Which many refuse to believe exists...

I'll say it again. I have experienced 10 x more racism from that side of the political aisle than the one with 'all the racists'. Fact.

Imagine calling someone who leans libertarian a 'fascist'. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Having a mouth doesn't mean that you should talk.

Hopefully needless to say, I don't think that all or most liberals are like this guy.

I'm just pointing out how real this issue is for people who think it's all 'love' on that side.

I don't care where you sit politically. Just don't be a twat. It's not that difficult. 😂

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