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"Anyway, we're definitely voting for him again."

This was flip, but there's a deeper point: people who vote for Trump are clearly doing so now because they genuinely like the mean-minded bigotry he delivers more than they like survival.

Many certainly like survival more, but you won't get them by offering middle ground.

"Middle ground" generally boils down to finding a way to maybe take away some of the cultural bigotry and creating some relief that doesn't upset the monied interests causing their underlying problems.

That's lose-lose

It's going to actually take bold solutions boldly suggested

How's this:

"Yes, we're going to let trans people into the military, and yes we're going to help assylum seekers. They're people."

"But we're ALSO getting the bank's foot off your neck. You're people, too."

"We're about PEOPLE, see. No exceptions."

I think that would preach.

In before: Yes I know there are many people in rural areas who are not bigots, I know, I know. But I presume you're already with us.

If the topic is ACTUALLY getting a Trump/Steve King voter, I know how I'd go about doing it, and it wouldn't have anything to do w/compromise.

"It's life or death, that's your choice"

"But there are sure enough going to be gay Muslims in your lifeboat. Nobody who wants to get in our lifeboat gets left to drown."

People who stick to their principles are usually believed.

And life and death actually is the choice.

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